What You'll Learn

  • Evidence-based

    All of my content is backed by scientific evidence, either proposed mechanisms of action and/or peer-reviewed research

  • Safe

    All of the modalities discussed in this learning platform have been proven safe

  • Effective

    I'll teach you how to determine what is likely to be effective for you, as an individual, to save you time, effort and money

Course curriculum

  • 01
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    • A Heart-felt Note from Your Instructor FREE PREVIEW
    • It's All About YOU
    • The Process: Self-healer Program
    • (NEW) Orientation: Course Overview Screenshare
    • Meet the Creator of The Self-healer Learning Platform & Your Instructor
    • (NEW) The 2 Things Every Self-healer Needs to Know FREE PREVIEW
    • Intro to Self-healing Mechanism (PGC1 alpha)
    • PGC1 alpha Pathway Infographic
    • 10 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Trying to Heal Myself
    • ***Scheduling Survey***
    • ***Intake Forms***
    • Calendar (this is mostly just a suggestion, but the LIVE coaching will be as indicated)
    • FAQ (work in progress)
    • Any Questions?
  • 02
    Intro to Muscle Testing + Mindset
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    • Mindset Chapter Intro Audio
    • Mindset Video: Why and How We're Going to Let Go
    • Mindset: How to Let Go
    • 5 Steps to Letting Go Worksheet
    • (NEW) Manifestation Mantras
    • Homework: Letting Go of Being Sick
    • Mindset Discussion
    • The Process: Muscle Testing
    • IG LIVE (Must Watch): What Muscle Testing IS and ISN'T
    • Muscle Testing Chapter Intro Audio
    • Muscle Testing Training
    • (NEW) What You Need to Know About Muscle Testing Yourself FREE PREVIEW
    • Troubleshooting Tips for Getting an Accurate Muscle Testing Response FREE PREVIEW
    • Exercises for Clearing Your Head Before Muscle Testing
    • Intro to Investigating Additional Lines of Evidence
    • Additional Lines of Evidence: Troubleshooting the FORM
    • Additional Lines of Evidence: Troubleshooting the COMBINATION
    • Additional Lines of Evidence: Troubleshooting the TIMING
    • Additional Lines of Evidence: Troubleshooting the AMOUNT
    • Homework: Finding Your "Yes" and "No"
    • Muscle Testing Discussion
    • The Art of War: Knowing Yourself (Muscle Testing) & Knowing Your Enemy (Mindset/Trauma/Letting Go)
    • LIVE Group Coaching Chapter 1
    • Tell me about your experience :)
  • 03
    Using Body Harmony Eating to Activate Self-healing
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    • Body Harmony Eating (formerly: Keto, Paleo, AIP) Intro Audio
    • Body Harmony Eating (formerly: Keto, Paleo, and AIP) Chapter Intro
    • Ketogenic Diet Explained
    • The Process: Ketosis
    • (NEW) Body Harmony Eating 14-Day Jump Start Guide
    • (NEW) 14-Day Body Harmony Jump Start
    • Body Harmony Grocery List
    • Body Harmony (customizable staple recipes)
    • Good Fat/Bad Fat Quick Guide
    • Intuitive Eating
    • Homework: Letting Go of Control
    • Homework: Finding Your Foods
    • Body Harmony Eating Discussion
    • LIVE Group Coaching Chapter 2
  • 04
    (NEW) Body Harmony Eating 30-Day Meal Plan
    Show details
    • Body Harmony Eating Tips
    • BHE Week 1 Meal Plan
    • BHE Week 2 Meal Plan
    • BHE Week 3 Meal Plan
    • BHE Week 4 Meal Plan
    • BHE Smoothie Guide: How to Create Your own Keto, Low-lectin, and Histamine-balanced Smoothies (includes 6 recipes)
    • Body Harmony Eating Screen Recording
  • 05
    BONUS: Tools for Sugar Addiction/Quitting Sugar
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    • Why You Should Quit Sugar
    • Causes of Sugar Addiction
    • The Process: Quitting Sugar
    • Sugar-free Living Guide
    • Sugar-free Baking Recipe eBook
  • 06
    Safe & Painless Intermittent Fasting to Activate Self-healing
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    • Safe & Painless Intermittent Fasting Video Lesson FAQ
    • The Process: Fasting
    • Intermittent Fasting Guide for Body Harmony Eating
    • Benefits of Fasting
    • Fasting & Intuitive Eating- how fasting balances your hunger hormones making intuitive eating possible
    • Fasting: Cheats and Hacks
    • Fasting: Preparation
    • Fasting: Supplements
    • Fasting: Supplement Sample Schedule
    • Fasting: Breaking the Fast
    • Homework: Letting Go of Perfection
    • Homework: Finding Your Fast
    • Intermittent Fasting Discussion
    • Tell me about your experience :)
  • 07
    The RIGHT Type, Frequency, and Duration of Physical Activity
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    • Quick Note on Exercise and Your Self-healing Mechanism
    • Video Lecture The RIGHT Physical Activity
    • Home Self-check for Adrenal Fatigue
    • Video Tutorial Series: Setting up the Self-healer App
    • December Exercise Calendar Example
    • Homework: Letting Go of Negative Body Image
    • Homework: Finding Your Rhythm
    • Exercise Discussion
  • 08
    Targeted Key Nutrients {Supplements} That Activate Your “Self-healer” Gene
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    • Quick Note on Key Nutrients and Your Self-healing Mechanism
    • LIVE Coaching Call for Targeted Key Nutrients (fast forward to min 5 to start)
    • Homework: Letting Go of Excuses
    • Homework: Finding Your Support
    • Targeted Key Nutrient Discussion
  • 09
    Bioenergetics: Mineral Balance
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    • Bioenergetics Chapter Intro Audio
    • Bioenergetics Chapter 12.18.18 LIVE Coaching Call
    • Dehydration: Contributing Factors
    • Dehydration: Signs & Symptoms
    • Body Harmony Hydration Techniques
    • Other Ways to Increase Water Intake
    • The Process: Copper/Zinc Ratio Balance
    • Copper/Zinc Ratio Explained
    • Homework: Letting Go of Attachment Trauma
    • Homework: Finding Your Balance
    • Bioenergetics Discussion
  • 10
    BONUS: How to Find an Environment That Supports Bioenergetic Health
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    • How to Find a Home/Work Environment w/ that Promotes Bioenergetic Balance
  • 11
    BONUS: How to Hack Your Sleep w/ Bioenergetics
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    • The Bioenergetics of Getting a Good Night's Sleep
  • 12
    How to Use Your Shower/Bathtub to Detox Safely & Effectively (thermogenesis, infrared light, and beyond)
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    • Detox Chapter Intro Audio
    • LIVE Coaching Call 01.08.19
    • The Process: Detox
    • Homework: Letting Go of Your Comfort Zone
    • Homework: Finding Your Detox
    • Detox Discussion
  • 13
    BONUS: How to Build Your Own Portable Infrared Sauna for Less Than $150
    Show details
    • Infrared Sauna Blueprint Audio
    • Portable Infrared Sauna Blueprint
    • Infrared Sauna Blueprint w/ Links to Materials (including non-toxic)
    • IR Sauna Build Discussion
  • 14
    Balancing Your Body’s Microbiome for Decreased Inflammation, Immune System Balance, and Life-long Resistance to Disease
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    • Gut Microbiome Chapter Intro
    • LIVE Coaching Call Part 1 (Gut & Nasal Microbiome Ch.)
    • LIVE Coaching Call Part 2 (Gut & Nasal Microbiome Ch.)
    • How Diet & Environment Affect Intestinal Permeability
    • Not-so-obvious Signs of Intestinal Pathogens
    • Home Self-check Screening for Candida
    • Intestinal Pathogens: Eradicating Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth (SIBO), Parasites, and Candida
    • Gut and Nasal Microbiomes: The Importance of Addressing Biofilms
    • Gut and Nasal Microbiomes: Biofilm Disrupters
    • Digestive Enzymes
    • Antimicrobial Dosing Protocols
    • Binding Endotoxins
    • Binding Agent Dosing Protocols
    • Sample Dosing Schedule
    • Create Your own Dosing Schedule (interactive template)
    • Rebuilding the Gut: Fortifying the Gut Lining & Repopulating w/ Beneficial Bacteria
    • Nasal Microbiome: What is it and Why it's Just as Important as Gut Microbiome (Video Lecture)
    • Nasal Microbiome: What is it and Why it's Just as Important as Gut Microbiome
    • Nasal Microbiome: Should You Use a Probiotic in Your Nose?
    • Nasal Microbiome: My Favorite Things to Put in My Nose
    • Homework: Letting Go of Your Ego
    • Homework: Finding Your Friends & Foes
    • Microbiome Discussion
  • 15
    BONUS: eBooks
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    • Heal Yourself eBook: Welcome Outline that All of My One-On-One Clients Receive
    • Guide to Overcoming Mold Illness (for beginners)
  • 16
    Muscle Testing Sample Pack
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    • Explanation of Muscle Testing Sample Pack

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