My Content

  • Evidence-based

    All of the content on my platform is evident-based, meaning it's backed by either a proposed scientific mechanism, and/or peer-reviewed clinical studies

  • Safe

    You get techniques and modalities that have been proven to be safe

  • Effective

    You'll also learn how to determine what will be effective for you, as an individual, to save time, money, and effort

Course Curriculum

  • 01
    Welcome, Self-healers!
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    • Intro to Self-Healing
    • Before we begin...
    • Is This You?
    • You've Done Some Research
    • Why This is Important
    • Do You Need Some Help?
    • Imagine...
  • 02
    What Makes Me a Self-Healing Expert?
    Show details
    • I've Been There
    • What You're Here to Learn
    • Who TF Am I?
    • What I'm About
    • What Makes Me an Expert?
    • I've Tried Everything
    • Before (the first time I healed myself)
    • After (the first time I healed myself)
    • Before (the second time I healed myself)
    • After (the second time I healed myself)
  • 03
    How I Did It
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    • How did I Do it?
    • Managing Expectations
    • The Long Route
    • The Short Cut
    • ... But Will That Work For You?
  • 04
    How You Can Learn to Do It Too!
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    • First Things, First
    • Don't Forget
    • Evidence-Based, Safe, & Effective Techniques
    • Activating Your "Self-Healer" Gene
    • Healing the Gut & Nasal Microbiome
    • Achieving Mineral Balance
    • Don't Forget
    • Ok, So Now What?
    • Let Me Help You
    • BONUS

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